General Questions

What is the Techhcircle vision?
Our goal is to find great opportunities for talented programmers in India by connecting them with tech companies and startups in other parts of the world.

Does this work like or offers small businesses a unique opportunity to find great employees and cut costs at the same time. We help you hire the best candidate and then provide a structured work environment for your new employee in a state of the art office in India. It’s up to you to mange that employee on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of hiring a remotely located employee?
We can help you find great and talented full time employees and save you both money and time. Plus you don’t have to worry about human relations or even having your own office space. Remote employees are still part of your team even if they are not working in your office.

What types of employees do you provide?
Our focus is on providing employees specialized in programming, mobile application development as well as online marketing and data entry.

Who manages remote employees? How much does it cost?
Pricing depends on the actual salary of the employee plus a fixed 30% management fee. Salaries for developers range from $700 to $1800 depending on their experience level. Mobile developer salaries range from $1200 to $2500. Data entry and website marketing positions salaries range from $600 to $1200.

Can I hire more than one employee?
You can hire as many employees as you need or just a single employee.

Communications and Performance

What does do to facilitate communication?
Good communication is the key to success when it comes to working with remote employees. David Urmann, the founder of, has over a decade of experience working in India and will be more than happy to jump in on a call or sit with one of your employees in India to make sure they understand an assignment. Having someone who can understand your needs and then help you communicate them clearly to your new employee can make all the difference between success and failure with a remote employee.

How do I communicate with employee?
You can choose the method that best fits you. Employee all have access to online chat, Skype and can be reached by their mobile phones. Team viewing software and remote desktop access can be setup upon request.

How is the employee’s work monitored?
We recommend that your employee send a daily report which includes tasks preformed as well as pending tasks that will be performed. At your preference we can install a screen logger and give you a snapshot history of the employee’s time.

How remote employees are most effectively managed?
Make sure that tasks are defined in advance and understood. We suggest the use of visual presentations and screen shots alongside written instructions. Insist that you receive a daily work progress report.

Office and Work Environment

Where is your office? What does it look like?
You can see some photos here. We welcome you to come to India and meet your employee or assist in the hiring process. Even one face-to-face meeting can dramatically improve the efficiency of future online communications.

How Are Remote Employees Hired?
We will prescreen employees prior to the interviewing process. You will participate during the interview process to make a final selection.

Can I visit the office in India?
We welcome any visitors. Even a brief visit to meet with your employees in India can be very productive and smooth out the communication process.

What Type of Hardware and Software Are Employees Provided?
Employees are provided up to date computers with standard software. We have back-up power systems and redundant internet connections to minimize any downtime.

What Hours Can Employees Work?
Employees can schedule shifts between 7am and 12pm IST (. Shift expectations should be made clear to the employee and agreed upon during the hiring process.

How is time keeping managed?
We have a biometric device in our office that records when the employee starts and ends work as well as any breaks that are taken. If the employee is late or misses work whether it’s for sick leave or approved leave the missing time will be deducted from the salary and the amount you are expected to pay.

What about employee leave?
You must pre-approve any employee leave time. Preapproved leave out of the office will be deducted from an employee’s salary unless we are notified otherwise.

Can my employee travel and visit me?
We welcome opportunities for employees to travel and gain additional work experience. We can help you to obtain necessary travel documentation and visas.

Data Security and Intellectual Property

What Steps Do You Take To Protect Private Data?
We take a number of steps to insure your data security. Our network is secured by up to date anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, spam blockers, URL filters, and other standard protections. We typically disable external accessories and drives so that data is secure on site. We can optionally disable the use of some emails account. If you have specific secutiry concerns let us know so that appropriate measures can be taken.

What about intellectual property?
Any intellectual property developed by your employees is owned by you.

Billing and Payments

What are the starting costs?
Upon finding a suitable employee you will be required to one month’s salary in advance of the employees start date.

What is the Billing Schedule?
You will be billed 15 days before the end of each monthly cycle and your bill must be cleared before the end of the cycle so that your employee can be paid. If your employee was absent or had approved leave it will be deducted from the payable salary in the next cycle.

How can I pay you?
We offer a variety of payment options which include Paypal, Credit Card or the option to wire funds to our one of our accounts in the US or India.